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What Are the Chicken Scratch Software Common Controls?

The Chicken Scratch Software Common Controls are a series of controls which are being developed to make it easier for developers to develop ink-enabled applications for the Tablet PC platform. These controls are being written in managed code for the .NET platform where appropriate so they can be used by any .NET language and on any .NET supported platform. The controls are designed to extend the controls available in Visual Studio and function on non-Tablet PC computers seamlessly.

Why Open Source?

It is my belief that better software is created through the free flow of thoughts, ideas, and best practices. By developing these controls as open source the inner workings are open to the scrutiny of developers who may be more experienced than myslef (and those I work with) or whose ideas may can form a synergy with my own. Through this open collaboration we can all grow from each others experience for the benefit of the industry.

The Controls Are Free - How Do You Make Money?

Right now I'm not making money at all. I expect that a few companies may pay for consulting services, and I'll write some articles for magazines, but until I create a consumer product all this work is free. I don't anticipate having to stop this open-source development due to lack of funds, but anything's possible. If you would like to support this project to keep it running you can help by making a donation. Just click on the image below:

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Take me to the project already!

Ok - You've waited long enough. To access the project files visit the project summary site at http://sourceforge.net/projects/chickenscratch.

The Chicken Scratch Software Common Controls v 1 have shipped. For an installable version of the controls with demo app and documentation, visit the Chicken Scratch Software home page at http://www.chickenscratchsoftware.com.